Thursday, September 4, 2008

Javascript Remixed

AJAX and the web 2.0 world are mixing things up like crazy right now! Javascript, once the ugly cousin to the browser, has been getting more advancements in the last 12 months then in the last 12 years!! Do to the high demand of AJAX driven applications many browsers (including Google's newly released Chrome) are starting to incorporate their very own Javascript Virtual Machine.

What does this mean?
This means that now not only will Javascript finally step out of the closet but into the limelight. For once it won't be said that Javascript is bad, and all else is good. Even google's newest search algorithm change is processing and reading AJAX content. This means that not Web developers can feel free to make their applications/websites more AJAX-i-fied and feel free to use JavaScript in situations where it is good for the visitors and not even considering the browser impact.

Featured Projects on Google Code: Joose on Gears is a self hosting meta object system for Javascript from google. This is yet anothe platform for Javascript developers to interact with.. All-be-it this is for Gears, the same platforms will in time become useful and universal with web browsers as well. Even Google Chrome has build in support for Gears, which means pretty soon Gear apps won't just get desktop attention but it will also receive wonderful browser benefits as well for developers!

The Javascript revolution is beginning.. Let the games begin!!

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